Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The PS3 Fights back... slowly...

Hitman, Conflict Teams Bring Games to PS3

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men and Crossfire go the other way.

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Sony has taken flack in recent months for losing exclusives, as games such as Assassin's Creed and Virtua Fighter 5 found additional homes on the Xbox 360. Now it's going the other way, with Eidos parent SCi revealing that two of its Xbox 360 games are headed to Sony's console.

Hitman developer IO Interactive's next game, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (developer interview here), previously exclusive to PC and Xbox 360, will now be coming to PlayStation 3 as well. All three versions are due before Christmas.

The company has also delayed and expanded the release of Crossfire, a co-op first-person shooter by Conflict series developer Pivotal Games steeped in the black-ops world of international relations.

Crossfire had previously been announced as an Xbox 360 and PC title. Now it'll be out on PlayStation 3 too, though the trio will only be in stores in early 2008 and not this year as originally planned.

The company says the PlayStation 3 versions of both games are in "advanced stages of development".

The move is motivated by the SCi board's belief that the PlayStation 3 will reach "critical mass" during 2008. The company is also looking make the most of its marketing campaigns, releasing the games simultaneously on the three platforms.

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