Thursday, June 14, 2007

Alonso doesn't believe in God...

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...which according to the latest 'press' statements means his team mate doesn't exist?

When will this needless shite stop, all you hear now is 'lewis this, lewis that, he's like god except he's black'. Please make it go away!!!

Now don't get me wrong, i have nothing against Mr Hamilton, quite the opposite, what he has achieved is remarkable, but the way ITV have turned their F1 coverage into the Lewis Hamilton Show is completely ridiculous! I worshipped Schuey but i still accepted that F1 is a sport (i now use that term loosely) and is watched by many people.

Apparently though, ITV doesn't see it like that, Lewis is british and therefore the world should bow down at his perfectly formed little feet. They ram programme after programme down our still sore from lat time throats, lewis is senna, lewis is ghandi, lewis is the man on the moon, lewis and the races he might win in the future, and not forgetting The James Allen Story: I want to marry lewis and allow him to abuse my anal passage.

This needs to stop, the higher they build the poor guy up the harder he will fall, and lets face it, being a brit sports star there is a damn good chance he will fall, like a drunk stumbling off a kerb straight into the path of an oncoming bus, over-flowing with hungry members of the mindless british press, ready to capture every last detail of his impending vehicular doom.

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Before i go insane with this rant let me just add one more point...
Kimi has turned out to be utter crap, 50 million dollars pissed up the wall of ferraris history steeped garages. Please Mr Todt if you read this, or one of your friends, or a friend of a friend who might meet you in a bar... Get Schuey back at all costs and win some races, he retired too early anyway, just look at the drive he gave in brazil. He's had time out, his appetite will be refreshed so get him back in a damn car and soon!!!!

Right, rant over, thanks for listening, you've been a lovely audience.

I will be back soon as it has been suggested i start to cover the grand prix that we have left, so i will oblige and give it a go...

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