Thursday, June 14, 2007

Trouble brewing for Mclaren

Cake row rocks Macca

McLaren are at the centre of a new favouritism row after an incident in an Indianapolis restaurant last night.

The team had popped out to the city's top German bistro Schadenfreude’s for a group meal ahead of this weekend’s US Grand Prix.

All had been going well until a member of Fernando Alonso’s entourage noticed that a waitress had given Lewis Hamilton a second slice of battenberg cake, resulting in the Spanish side of the table levelling a claim of special treatment towards the British rookie.

Our source said: “I think this is just being taken out of context. McLaren have had, and will continue to have, a policy of making sure each driver gets the same amount of cake, and it will be no different with Lewis and Fernando.”

However, the incident had echoes of a similar fuss during the great Alain Prost-Ayrton Senna feud of 1989, when the Frenchman ate the last chocolate ├ęclair at the San Marino Grand Prix.

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